Back to work will not fix engagement and burnout

Will returning to work not fix our employee engagement, productivity, morale, and burnout? It would be so nice to believe that. But it’s not always going to be the case. In fact, pressuring your employees to come back may actually erode trust, productivity, and purpose. Learn what key honest conversations you need to have withContinue reading “Back to work will not fix engagement and burnout”

Hope Deferred

Are you losing hope? Behind all the positive platitudes, all your strategies, all your plans, and all your presentations… are you losing hope? Not just hope in your organization. Not just hope in achieving your targets. Not just hope in your leadership. I mean your personal hope. Are you losing hope in yourself? And beforeContinue reading “Hope Deferred”

Solving for Quiet Quitting

Written by Jim Hurlburt Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last two weeks, you’ve heard, non-stop, the latest workplace buzz term “Quiet Quitting.” Originating from a Gen Z Tik Tok video that went viral with nearly 8 million views in 48 hours, the newly coined term has hit a nerve on both sidesContinue reading “Solving for Quiet Quitting”

Burnout: 2 Paths of Recovery (from a Therapist’s Perspective)

Raechel Pefanis, Professional Coach, Psychotherapist and Author If there was one thing that put people into therapy rooms like mine over the past year or so, it was burnout. Utter fatigue. Soul-lessness. “Checking out” in ways that most of us used to get all judgey-pants about…but that we now don’t have the energy to judgeContinue reading “Burnout: 2 Paths of Recovery (from a Therapist’s Perspective)”

Successful Solutions Solve Business and People Issues

Can You Relate to This? A frustrated senior executive recently shared about how business disruptions over the last few years hit the business like a series of waves. Just when they stabilized their operations, the business had to respond to rapidly increasing costs and shrinking margins. While addressing this, they were also trying to ensureContinue reading “Successful Solutions Solve Business and People Issues”

Leading burned-out workforce

Let’s get straight to it, leaders. New research from HBR, Gallup, and others is revealing that about half of us are in denial and telling ourselves lies. We have been distancing ourselves from the real problem… often to protect ourselves, our leadership gaps, and frankly our organizational pressures. What are those lies? (1) We canContinue reading “Leading burned-out workforce”

Evolving the profit and people equation

On December 1, 2021 in the thick fog of COVID pandemic uncertainty with most countries announcing quarantine restrictions ahead of the Christmas holiday season, Simon Sinek tweeted one of his famous timely quotes “Profit isn’t a purpose, it’s a result. Purpose is the reason we do the thing that makes the profit.” About a month after in early January, his frenemy AdamContinue reading “Evolving the profit and people equation”