About Us


We are a group of reformers and problem-solvers who help companies recover, renew, and re-imagine themselves for a future we now face. We have formed a team around a shared vision for the business that brings together complementary strengths in a unique way. We are also friends on a journey together.

We believe that the purpose of business should be to help people thrive: customers, employees, owners, and the community.

Thriving is about sustained financial success, but this is a result of serving customers well and forming deep partnerships with employees in a shared cause that contributes to the greater good. It is ultimately people who make a business successful.

We are observing a crisis of purpose and a crisis of leadership in many businesses today. Yes, external forces have significantly side-swiped business in ways unimaginable before the pandemic. Yes, leaders need to focus on the short-term to provide stability and survival.

But we believe the deepest crisis lies within the heart, mind and soul of leaders who have lost hope, resigned themselves to simply pleasing their organizational masters, or have chosen self-preservation and self-interest. But we believe it can be different. We have seen that it can be different.

Our vision is that purpose and production must be integrated across the business so that every person understands how to deliver towards the fulfillment of that purpose. Each employee must see themselves in that purpose in order to do their best work, and therefore, fulfill their own calling.

We work with leaders to achieve this kind of business and human thriving. But we start where businesses are at, particularly their leaders. We recognize that most leaders are themselves giving all their energy to keep up and keep focused on ensuring the business is succeeding today, let alone thriving tomorrow. So, in the spirit of servant leadership, we start with where they are and what they need now.

We hope to join with you… to help your business thrive.


Marv: Executive Leadership & Strategy

Raechel: Corporate Mental Health & Wellness

Jim: Business Operations & Change Management

Susanna: Professional Coach

Ashesh: Organizational
Value & Purpose

Adam: Business Agility & Transformation

Glem: Talent Strategy & Management

… supported by a much larger roster of experts, coaches, consultants, and other professionals.